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The Despacho

Q’ero Elder Don Manuel Q’ispe, in a presentation at Canyon de Chelley in May 1997 (translated by Jose Luis Herrera), spoke of despachos this way: “The despacho is a gift–a giving back of what we receive everyday in our lives. We seek, through the despacho ceremony, to bridge the ordinary and non-ordinary realms; to establish […]

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Finding peace, power and protection

Finding peace, power and protection Today’s news headlines can be overwhelming. We learn about militants intent on doing harm, seemingly unstoppable gun violence, rampant climate change, and our privacy being compromised. It’s easy to point fingers or throw up our hands and wonder why our society is plagued by violence and harmful actions. How should […]

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Jaguar Medicine

Esteemed reader~ I am proud to say that my years of study at Alberto Villoldo’s School, The Four Winds Society, were tremendous catalysts in my life and my life’s work.  Just as Alberto describes here; I, too, have observed shaman masters in Peru working with clients, and with their medicine plants.  I have listened to […]

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To become a butterfly, you must be willing to give up being a caterpillar.