Kitty Norris’ Biography

Kitty’s Bio

We perform best when our thoughts, feelings, emotions, goals and values are in balance. Through private sessions, Kitty brings ancient healing traditions to the modern world, so we can live the life we’ve imagined – with joy, abundance and authenticity.  We train intuition, focus through transitions, release stuck places, support your successful attitude. With decades of experience as coach, business owner, community organizer, Certified Master Practitioner Kitty Norris maintains a private practice in coaching and energy medicine.

Kitty NorrisThis work is a family tradition. My Father was my greatest Mentor, Coach & close Friend. His excellent coaching & words of wisdom are gifts to my clients, as well as guides to my own life of joy & great personal fulfillment. My Aunts and Grandmother did this work as well, they remain my personal Mentors, Guides and inspiration.

My spiritual path is most aligned with Animism. As a child I learned respect for Nature from my Dad while camping and hiking in the forests, deserts, rivers and mountains of the West. I learned tracking, foraging and various uses of plants. I have a deep kinship with and reverence for wilderness, the land, all our relations. In my teens I started seriously roaming on my own, which continues to this day. My lifelong study of Anthropology has taken me around the world, to visit traditional and modern people in the Americas, and Asia. I’ve spent time in many exquisite places ~ from Tibet to The Darien, the Amazon, Galapagos, Laos & Vietnam, the Andes, many trips to China, and to visit the wild elephants in the remote forests of Asia. I am particularly drawn to the world’s high mountains, deserts, great tropical and temperate forests.

In my fifties I entered semi-retirement from my manufacturing business, enabling me to take time to do more walking meditation on the planet, and reconnecting with my true nature. A spontaneous hiking trip to Peru brought me an invitation to commit to the Andean energy medicine path. I embarked on intensive study of these teachings, which expanded my natural intuition and enabled me to understand more of the amazing synchronicity in all life.

My spiritual calling focuses on energy medicine practices which came to the Americas from Central Asia many thousands of years ago, from common Ancestors. I teach & administer the highest initiations of the Q’ero Nation of the Andes. I am a full mesa carrier in that lineage and a graduate of The Four Winds Society’s training programs.

I was ordained by the ULC in 1970. I provide clients with transition, life path and spiritual coaching. I craft and perform ceremony for commemorating important occasions, passages and events, especially Weddings!  I work with clients, their friends and families to resolve their issues around relationships, death and dying; including assisting clients with consciously crossing over. I work with people, places, and animals. I assist with providing energetic balance, protections, soul retrieval, destiny work, and generational clearing. I do blessing and energetic clearing of land, homes and other spaces.

My practice has developed nationally and internationally. I am specially trained to do distance work, which is an integral part of Andean medicine practice, supported by modern science. Time and space are understood in a different way from the western linear view; therefore, distance work is no more complicated than assisting someone in the same room. I use the phone and internet as communication tools to discuss and integrate the work. I love being able to blend the traditional ways with new technology!

I am enormously grateful to my lifelong love and partner, Creek Norris, for sharing and encouraging me in my personal growth over our more than four decades together. Our family business –,   our public radio show, and dedication to serving our Community through service groups have provided further outlets for expression of our world village philosophy. I have spent years as a volunteer firefighter and volunteer in a very busy city hospital’s Emergency Room.

Our off-grid mountaintop home in the remote wilderness of Northern California feeds my love of nature, in the place where my roots are deepest. I love my forest and garden, which provide food, medicine, refuge for wildlife, and sacred spaKitty Norris Willits CAce to nurture the spirit. Yes, that is my home in the photo on top of every page of this site!

I am infinitely grateful for my life experience and the teachings of everyone I have encountered. I am also grateful for the opportunity to serve my clients non-judgmentally, with unconditional love, commitment and integrity.

In conclusion, all I can say is . . . it’s been a long and totally amazing journey, which is ongoing, evolving, changing, and becoming more exciting by the day!


For more information on my services and any aspects of my practice please contact me.

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