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Kitty Norris Willits CA

About Kitty Norris

Personal Empowerment Coach and Energy Medicine Practitioner

Claim Your Personal Power, Receive Personalized Tools For Living Well !

Life is an Adventure! As your Personal Empowerment Coach & Biggest Fan, I assist with your planning and resolution process around stressful situations; personal, relationship & family issues; health & career challenges. You’ve always had what it takes, but star performers know it is always easier with a good coach. Together we assemble a tool kit just for you, reinforcing and boosting your power to take charge of your life, your space, your direction, your destiny.

I often utilize ancient holistic practices of the Native peoples of the Americas to assist in the process, by working with our energy systems; our individual & collective memories, our cultural perceptions. This traditional work requires your active participation as a partner in the process, which makes it meaningful, loving, satisfying, and effective. Integrity is the highest priority in my practice.  All work is done in strict confidentiality, with respect, without judgment. Your success in life is my goal!

Kitty Norris is a Health Provider member of  Avenues to Wellness


Avenues to Wellness facilitates community wellness in Willits, California, & the surrounding areas. We are a program of the Howard Foundation & are committed to providing and promoting innovative and accessible wellness programs, activities, resources, and education which encourage healthy eating, exercise, & other life affirming behaviors while nurturing the body, mind & spirit.  Kitty participates in the discount program for card members of Avenues to Wellness.Practice Includes: Success & Life Coaching, Mentoring, Soul Retrieval, Energetic Tune-ups, Extractions, Destiny Work, Munay-Ki Mentoring, Generational & Archetypical Work. Hospice/Psychopomp/Deathwalker. Rites, Rituals, Ceremony, Sacred Drama, Fire & Moon Ceremony, Sound Healing, Clearings, Protections, work with domestic & non-domestic animals.  Distance work a specialty in all  modalities.

My formal training has been with The Four Winds Society, “the Harvard of neo-shamanism” (Harper’s Bazaar, January, 2011). I’ve trained with traditional people – Andean Shamans,  Rain Forest Shamans of many regions, traveled through Asia & The Americas, in study & walking meditation, indulging my lifelong fascination with cultural anthropology, challenging and exotic landscapes, and lifestyles. From The Four Winds Society: Professional Certification in Energy Medicine – Healing the Light Body School Graduate; Master Practitioner Certification in Soul Retrieval and Destiny Retrieval, Way of the Sage Program, Advanced Client Skills. Completed Mastery of Medicine Teachings in May 2009. Certified Teacher for DyingConsciously.org shamanic hospice project of nonprofit Institute for Energy Medicine,  since August 2009

Member:  American Holistic Health Association;  American Society of Dowsers;  Association for Comprehensive Energy Psychology;  Australasian Integrative Medicine Association; Foundation for Alternative & Integrative Medicine; Hands On Trade Association; International Association of Reiki Practitioners; International Natural Healers Association; NAMI; Pacific Northwest Shamans, Practitioners & Teachers;  Shaman Portal, Society for Shamanic Practitioners;Sound Healers Association, American Society of Dowsers.   Kitty is a Certified Sound Healer through  Acoustic Brain Research


Adventure Travel – Spontaneous!  Custom-focus small groups & individual tour leader. Coach – Success Coach, Life Coach, Dance Coach. Humor Writer – My livelihood! Dancer –  Ballet, Modern, Ballroom, Country Western, Swing, Flamenco, Zumba, Middle Eastern & Tribal Belly Dance. Experience in solo, lines, couples, troupe, team & demo work, since early childhood.  Musician – violin, percussion, palmas.  Singing classical, chamber, jazz, community choruses, musical production. Tai Chi, Qigong & Yoga practitioner, martial artist. Designer – visual, graphic & calligraphic artist; jewelry, fashion, costume, internal and external spaces for living well

Community Volunteer/NonProfit Member/SupporterAvenues to Wellness;  Willits Chamber of Commerce; North County Women in Business;  Soroptimists International of Willits;  National Association of Professional Women; Willits Center for the Arts,  Mendocino County Public Broadcasting;  Iridium Radio;  Institute for Energy Medicine; NAMI. Host and Traveler – SERVAS, AirBnb.  Online, phone and locally in-person Hospice Volunteer www.DyingConsciously.orgOrdained Minister since 1970 – (see Kitty’s bio)Commercial Calligrapherwww.magneticgraffiti.com Kitty (below, at left) is an intentional traveler doing Walking Meditation on the Planet with many & frequent trips to scenic & amazing parts of South America, Central America, North America, Asia & Italy. kitty_dance

For more information on these services and any aspects of my practice please contact me.

To become a butterfly, you must be willing to give up being a caterpillar.