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Personal Client Sessions for Spring 2020

Dear Ones… All private healing sessions have been over the phone in February and March, 2020. This practice will continue at least through April, and likely May. We will revisit the situation for clients scheduled in May and on into summer. * Please note that 70% of my regular client work is using the phone, […]

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Old Ways, New Prayers: A preview of Dr. Alberto Villoldo’s upcoming book

Alberto is such an amazing storyteller and teacher. I am looking forward to this latest book! Here’s a preview he sent in his newsletter.    Old Ways, New Prayers A preview of Dr. Alberto Villoldo’s upcoming book, The Heart of the Shaman: Stories and Practices of the Luminous Warrior To this day, Shamans practice the […]

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Carl Greer and OM Times!

I had the great good fortune to have Carl Greer as my personal mentor in the Way of the Sage program at The Four Winds Society. He is a marvelous teacher of Jungian Archetypes and dream work! He was a wonderful guide in the path of my training, and taught me how to do distance […]

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Gratitude is not just a feeling we occasionally have when something good happens to us. It is a practice that leads to greater happiness and deeper fulfillment in our lives! The foundation of shamanism, the world’s oldest spiritual healing tradition, is gratitude. Shamans are continually expressing their gratitude for life, for the elements, the seasons, […]

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If you have a dream, a vision, don’t ever let anything stop you from pursuing that, take action every day, regardless of bad you think things are, focus on how good things can be and what you have to do to make that happen!

At age 20 this lady was living in a flat in Scotland Living off benefits Struggling to feed her baby Battling depression Grieving the loss of her mum who died from Multiple sclerosis struggling with the break down of her marriage She would sit in a coffee shop local with her baby next to her […]

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How Shamans Dream the World into Being

Dear Readers Do check out this short, beautiful and well written article by Alberto Villoldo! Blessings Kitty

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To become a butterfly, you must be willing to give up being a caterpillar.