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Kitty kitty norris and teachersNorris is your personal coach, shamanic energy worker, spiritual mechanic and mentor. Skilled in soul retrieval, destiny retrieval, extractions, illuminations, life path coaching, end of life work. Non-local/distance coach/healer, animal communicator, sound healer. Offering a healed life for you, and a healed you, for life!

Interventions on the energetic level are traditional indigenous healing methods. They are so ancient that most people and cultures today have forgotten that they exist. Fortunately this knowledge has not vanished and these practices are making a comeback in this time when reconnecting with our essential nature is becoming very important.

The nature of energetic intervention is such that it is practical and easy to do distance work with a client and her/his issues. It is no more difficult to work with someone halfway around the world as it is with someone in the same room. I do a great deal of distance work, using telephone and internet communications for discussion. I think this is the perfect blending and partnership between traditional and modern energies!

Please use my contact form to schedule a session with me, (either in person or via telephone).   My fees are $125 per hour, PayPal is my best friend!

  • Life Coaching
  • Guided meditations/visualizations
  • Reiki
  • Hypnotherapy
  • Andean Despacho Ceremony, Fire, Seasonal & Moon Ceremony
  • Cleansing & protections of persons & places
  • Munay-Ki Rites and Mentoring
  • Hospice & death rites, psychopomp. Certified Teacher: Dying Consciously Hospice
  • Shamanic Practitioner and Healer
  • Extractions, Illuminations
  • Destiny Retrieval
  • Sacred Drama, Psychodrama
  • Ancestral Healing, Past Life Work
  • Sound Healing
  • Divination
  • Tracking, Evaluations & Interventions
  • Exo-humanistic healing (Domestic and non-domestic animals)

Distant (nonlocal) work a specialty, any time zone, via internet or phone.
Member of the Clergy since 1970.

Life Coaching
Life Coaching is an essential part of all our energy work sessions. It is part of integrating and incorporating the healing work we do together.

Destiny Retrieval
When we have worked on personal “baggage and speed bumps” and are ready to move forward, I am available to do Destiny Retrieval work. This involves locating and retrieving the potential for a new destiny from the Upper World, to be installed and integrated into the energy body of my client.

Extractions are effective for removing negative, foreign, alien or other acquired energies in one’s Luminous Energy Field. Sometimes we can experience periodic symptoms of anxiety or depression. This can be caused by an affinity to the energies of others. When this energy is removed, the symptoms can disappear and healing can take place. Extractions can also be effective to remove these energies from our homes, land, other structures.

An extraction can also be combined with an illumination, tune-up or soul retrieval. It is common to find and remove chunks or puddles of energy that cause us pain, blockages, or other “speed bumps.” Often I find and remove leftover energies from our parents or ancestors that is affecting our present lives.

Ancestral Healing
Healing of our ancestors leads to healing of all their relatives and associates who are in this present life. Sometimes an ancestor gets stuck in what the Tibetans call “Bardos” or Upper World levels of cleansing and processing, on their way to the Light. It is helpful to everyone related to that deceased person; when we can assist with their unresolved issues, get them unstuck, and send them all the way to their healed place in the Upper World.

Kitty Norris is a Health Provider Member of  Avenues to Wellness

Avenues to Wellness facilitates community wellness in Willits, California, and the surrounding areas. We are a program of the Howard Foundation and are committed to providing and promoting innovative and accessible wellness programs, activities, resources, and education which encourage healthy eating, exercise, and other life affirming behaviors while nurturing the body, mind and spirit. 

Hospice Classes and services

Classes are offered to groups, professionals, and interested parties. Kitty Norris is an experienced volunteer and a Certified Teacher for the project of the nonprofit Institute for Energy Medicine. Dying Consciously training classes are offered under her licensing agreement from the Dying Consciously project.

For more information on these services and any aspects of my practice please contact me.

I am an ordained member of the clergy, non denominational, non judgmental, strictly confidential; also available for spiritual coaching and ceremonies.

Please note: If you have a medical condition, please see a doctor promptly. I do not practice medicine and do not attempt to identify or treat any disease or medical disorder. If you need nutritional advice, physical therapy, psychotherapy or other assistance of this nature, please consult a qualified practitioner.

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