4 Simple Ways To Stop Worrying What Other People Think

In our society, judgement is king. There are countless publications and television programs that are all about judging people. Famous people, popular people, even average citizens. Even though people can be judgmental and critical of us, there are ways we can manage how that judgement impacts us.

Simply own your actions.

If you own the things you’ve done in your past, you take power away from others to make you feel bad about it. Realizing your past has changed how you feel about yourself is key to taking control of your feelings on the matter. Don’t beat yourself up. Learn from past mistakes.

Be confident in doing what makes you happy.

Life is short, and by the looks of it, we only get the one shot. So why should we go around worrying if what makes us happy bothers other people? Just be yourself. Do what you enjoy.

Don’t be afraid to do new things.

We often fear doing new, unfamiliar things, and old people can hold us back. Look at your interests, friendships, and relationships. Who can you trust with your secrets? If you think no one could keep it to themselves, it might be time for new friends.

Don’t be judgmental.

Hah, you see what I did there? A great way to stop caring about being judged is to not judge others yourself! Abstaining from the action, and just not caring about that, will help you to not care when people do it to you!

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