10 Lies Everyone Accepts As Truth


We go through life with belief systems. Some of these beliefs deal with external forces, such as government and corporations. Other belief systems are internal, propelling ourselves one direction or another. Right now I want you to take the opportunity to see if some of these truths listed below are actually lies you’ve been telling yourself all along.

1) You Have To Struggle

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To succeed one has to put in the time, the grind the blood, sweat and tears, right? To an extent it is true but also true is the fact that being relaxed, focused on what works and having the ability to step away and do other things is critical. Many people try to do everything all-at-once instead of focusing on something small that works, working that angle and growing slowly. Consistency and discipline are far more important than frantic hours of wasted time or burnout that leads to a crash.

2) Life is A Competition

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Competition can be fun. My older brother and sister refused to play board games with me because I was too competitive. We like to intellectualize a primal instinct to get the most bananas and attract the opposite sex. Once one goes through enough of these ‘competitions’ it becomes obvious that fighting to win these battles will lead you down a path of losing the war. There is not winner or loser, there are only  paths that we must blaze.

3) My Mistakes Define Me

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We like to convey a ‘perfect’ life to the outside world. Look no further than Facebook for proof. If my friends on Facebook are as happy as they appear, then I might just have the happiest friends that every existed. Most of us don’t announce are failures to the world and beyond some self deprecating humor, truth in follies is rarely revealed. There are no mistakes, only learning that goes on with experience, which will lead to a goal if one can pay attention to the lessons that failure brings.

4) Time Is Real

time is illusion

We are in a hurry because of the watch on our hand. The years, months, weeks, days, hours, minutes and seconds are continually ‘tick tock’ ‘tick tock’ ‘tick tock’ …. in our minds. We all have time as long as our priorities are in order.

5) Money Is Real


Money sucks our energy and can consume us. It rules our life but it’s just paper. Society agrees to a centrally controlled value and we go about our business of trying to collect as much of it as possible, often losing our minds in the process. They key is to flourish without all the worry and letting money work for you.

6) Other People Are Doing Better Than You

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Contrary to popular opinion, other people don’t have it better than you. Everyone has their own struggles, strengths, weaknesses, high and lows. It’s easy to become jealous of another persons circumstance without digging deep and seeing how that person really feels. What keeps them up at night? How was their childhood? These are, in most cases, impossible-to-know facts about somebody else’s life. Don’t be envious. Spend that energy instead planting seeds for new opportunities in the future.

7) There Are Limits

no limits

Write your dreams down with a pencil. Dreams are meant to be tweaked or even erased. New friends, family and opportunities may come into your life that open doors not even imaginable when writing down your dreams. If you accomplish a goal, look to a higher purpose, utilizing the skills that have set you towards a positive result.

8) All Food Is Created Equal


I used to regularly eat a meal of ranch dressing with a side of food. I was extremely unhealthy. This can be masked when we are younger because youth is a wonderful thing. Once we get into our twenties things can change fast. Raw food, homegrown food, minimal ingredients, nothing processed and sourced locally are solid standards to work from and not as confusing as others make it out to be. Take small steps and keep track of your progress, as well as changes in overall energy.

9) You Want That 15-Minutes Of Fame

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It’s easy for the younger generations to get wrapped up in the ideas of fame, through sports heroes and rock stars, it seems like the pinnacle of accomplishment. But it’s not. In fact, as I get older I admire the guys who have been influential behind the scenes. They guys who took care of business, then went home and took care of their families. Normal people. Still, there is an urge to want to be famous, as shallow and useless of a commodity as that has become. You are famous. You are the lead actor or actress. The spotlight is on you. Now go forth and be the hero of your own movie.

10) You Can’t Smile At Uncertainty


Life is going to present you with death, defeat and countless obstacles. You will read about conspiracies, some true, some not…many a blend of both and you will want to be serious. Maybe you should be. Maybe there are times when a moment of silence and tears is the path to take. But you better make sure those moments are worth it. If you can find a reason to smile, do it. After all, you are not only the hero of your own movie but you are also a spectator enjoying the ride.

A huge weight is lifted off our shoulders when we start questioning our belief systems and stop believing the lies we have been told by society.  Happiness is not something you have to earn or work for. It’s your birthright.

About the author: This article was written by Jesse Herman of Powerful Primates.

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