5 Spiritual Perspectives Backed By Science That Will Shift The Way You See Everything

  By Amateo Ra 

Every once in a while you have a realization or an “ah ha” moment so grand, it completely shakes your entire perspective of reality to the core. You look around and don’t see things the same way again. This blog is dedicated to these spiritual ideas or realizations, many of which are now backed by science, that will turn the way you see things inside out…

We all have a lense through which we see the world. As humans the lense we use to interpret and apply ourselves in reality is made up of beliefs, thoughts, feelings, and some might even say, your soul’s essence and the presence of Spirit.

While sometimes it’s hard to see beyond our current range of focus, when we do, often we can gain a glimpse, an understanding and deep sense of self that lands within us. Once it does, it never leaves. It changes us, it shapes us into who we are. It transforms us from the core, from the inside out.

We then go about our lives differently, treat other people differently, as well as ourselves. We make different choices in the World and it affects all of humanity. So this blog is written as an ode to some of those realizations that have left me forever changed.


1) Oneness/Unified Field


Ancient Spiritual Science in many traditions of study point back to singular God in the Universe, a concept now being proven by quantum physics. We live in a unified field of energy which interconnects everything.

This means that literally the entire Universe, every particle, is conscious. And it’s exponentially evolving. If our entire world embraced this perspective flipping truth, we’d be working for the benefit of each other as Global organism.

If you truly live from a place of Oneness, you will forever be on the path of positive evolution and heartful living.

Look for Dr. John Hagelin talking more about the Unified Field and the physics of consciousness.

2) Reality is a Reflection of Yourself


What if I told you there is only one person on the planet? In a way this is true…

Your entire reality is a holographic reflection of you. Every person, every living thing and the entire planet is a direction reflection of you. Interestingly enough, if you change and evolve yourself, reality itself will change. 

I once had a friend who was struggling with people not smiling to him when he was out of public. He didn’t know if he was paranoid but it was getting to him. I told him to look at everyone else as they are “another yourself.”

He was blown away by how engaged everyone suddenly became, making eye contact and smiling at him. They could feel his sense of connection to the greater field and truth, that they are one another. I’ll say this doesn’t mean that we aren’t unique, it’s quite the contrary.  Fractals are ever increasing spirals of uniqueness, that’s what we are, and the entire thing, is One.

Try this perspective on for size, and experience your World change….

3) Following your Highest-Excitement


 Also known as “Following Your Bliss,” this idea is a powerful spiritual concept. It literally means live for the greatest experiences you can have. These concepts were initially introduced by Joseph Campbell and Bashar, Channeled by Daryl Anka.

It’s often misinterpreted actually, as people can think it means just do what’s fun.  It’s not saying anything like that. It’s saying do and be the things that truly excite you. And by excite you meaning grow you, challenge you, push you in new directions, expand your consciousness and develop you into something great.

To be excited, means to be nervous, joyous and elated. It means to live fully and offering life your energy in this way, as it’s making the effort to provide for you.

4) Seeing Synchronicity in Everything


 You don’t even have to fully understand the true meaning of Oneness to experience synchronicity, although it definitely helps when coincidence happens again and again and you start to question things…

Whether it’s seeing triple digits all the time (111, 333, 555, 11:11), experiencing perfect timing, or seemingly unrelated things synching up all the time, you are tapping into synchronicity. I believe synchronicity is a clever tool the Universe has built in to constantly remind you of a higher-order at play that is governing your existence beyond your understanding, but still kind enough to give you signs of its presence. 

Following the trails and rabbit holes of synchronicity is an endless thrill ride of clues, signs, symbols, ancestral meaning and also serves as a roadmap for the future.

Warning: While synchronicity does have a tendency to increase or decrease, when you jump aboard the roller-coaster of correlation, it’s an exponentially accelerated journey of evolution. It just seems to work this way, and is worth mentioning.

 Also, I don’t recommend blindly following synchronicity but rather to use it as a unifying perspective that helps you have a greater understanding of the meaning in your life.

5) Inward is the New Outward 


There is a big unspoken thing going on right now in the World that’s often not mentioned. People’s consciousness is awakening and evolving faster and faster while technology is accelerating with us, and there is a definite correlation.

As we have become smarter, we are evolving. So too our technologies are becoming more sleek, simple, compact & concise. After so many evolutions of pushing outward, we have begun to look inward. Both at ourselves and the realities we can create and immerse ourselves in, from meditation to virtual reality gaming.

The new territories of evolution are within our consciousness, and we are just beginning to understand the immense landscape within us. Technology & spirituality will be coming together now & in the future to guide our lives into new horizons & unknowns. Overall, I’m excited and optimistic for what’s ahead.

Dealing with some intense challenges and want to get unstuck?

Often, the issue is Resistance. And if you learn how to breakthrough resistance, you’ll never be held back for too long.

About the author: Amateo Ra is a Conscious Entrepreneur & Business Coach, supporting others build thriving brands & products to support humanity ascend to higher levels of existence. Amateo is also the founder of Creator Course, an Online School & Publisher for Conscious Living which is currently being built.

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