Balance Your Chakras With Sound

3 Easy Ways To Balance Your Chakras With Sound

Written by Vicki Howie

My music video “Muladhara” repeats the Sanskrit name of the root chakra for grounding and prosperity.

I love chakra healing. My whole life changed for the better when I became aware of Dr. Emoto’s “Words OnWater” research and created my Chakra Boosters Healing Tattoos™. They’re an excellent visual and energetic way to boost and balance your chakras, and they work really well on their own. Still, I find that when it comes to chakra healing, you can boost the effect by mixing modalities. So if you choose to wear my temporary tattoos, gaze at ayantra, or focus on a particular chakra color, you may also want to add a form of chakra sound healing as well.

There are many ways you can use sound to heal and balance your your chakras. Today, I’m going to cover the three most basic ways.

1. Say the Names of the Chakras

The easiest option is to just say the Sanskrit name of each chakra. The name of each chakra carries its energy. Here are the Sanskrit chakra names and their meanings (as well as my best attempt to give you the phonetics in layman’s language):

First (root) – Muladhara – (moo-lah-dar-ah) – root support

Second (sacral) – Svadisthana (svah-dee-stahn-uh)– one’s own place

Third (solar plexus) – Manipura – (mon-ee-poer-uh) – lustrous gem

Fourth (heart) – Anahata – (on-uh-hat-uh) – unstruck sound

Fifth (throat) – Vissudha – (vis-shoe-duh) – purity

Sixth (brow) – Ajna – (ah-juh-na) – command

Seventh (crown) – Sahasrara (sah-has-rah-rah) – thousand-spoked

Mindy Arbuckle does this great one-minute video where she (mostly) correctly pronounces all of the names of the chakras (note: the 6th chakra is a little off, so you might want to look at other youtube videos for that one).

2. Chant the Seed Sound for Each Chakra

First (root) – Lam

Second (sacral) – Vam

Third (solar plexus) – Ram

Fourth (heart) – Yam

Fifth (throat) – Ham

Sixth (brow) – Om

Seventh (crown) – Silence

Yogi performer, MC Yogi, does a fun beatbox version of these sounds.

3. Sing or Listen to the Musical Note Associated with Each Chakra

This is simple enough, since it’s basically the musical scale, starting at C:

First (root) – C

Second (sacral) – D

Third (solar plexus) – E

Fourth (heart) – F

Fifth (throat) – G

Sixth (brow) – A

Seventh (crown) – B

Sound Essence has a lovely diagram on their home page that let’s you “play” the notes on the figure of a body. Click here to play (beware it can be surprisingly addicting).

In my “Chakra Love” healing album, my musical partner, Jeff Bonilla and I combined all of these techniques at once for a super powerful effect. We also added Sanskrit mantras and english lyrics that share what each chakra is about. Here are some sample lyrics for a few of the chakras (if you click on the song, you’ll be taken to a page with an actual sample of that song).

2nd Chakra Healing Song — “Let the river flow, let yourself let go…”

3rd Chakra Healing Song — “Feel the fire in your soul, feel the fire in your core, get up and do it!”

4th Chakra Healing Song — “The heart is the bridge between body and soul…”

5th Chakra Healing Song — “I can SPEAK my truth…”

While creating the album, we had a blast playing with the words, sounds and elements of the chakras, so we included one short “making of” track for each song, so you can be aware of how the song came to be and what elements in it are healing. It’s quite comical at times, as we found ourselves delving into crazy questions like, “What does earth sound like?” and “Does that chord feel like fire?”

You can ask these same kinds of questions in your life to create more sound healing in every moment.

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