Earthkeepers’ Equinox Message

The Earthkeepers believe that to live fully and dream courageously, we must wake up each morning and live this day as if it were our last. Only when we face the reality that we are mortal, and that we have no control over when we depart this physical existence, do we find the courage to stop frantically running away from the death we fear and put our energy into living lives of originality and purpose.

What happens the moment you wake up in the morning? Do you leap out of bed to immediately start the day? If so, stay in bed a little longer next time to recall your dreams. Then in that state of lucid reverie, visualize your perfect day. Imagine the people you interact with and the quality of your conversations. Hear yourself speaking the truths that need to be spoken, as well as saying “I love you,” “I forgive you,” and “I’m sorry” to those you’ve been meaning to make amends to. See what you eat, where you are, and what happens before you fall asleep at night. Picture every detail.

Now ask yourself what you can do before this evening ends to experience every element of that perfect day, from the emotions you feel to the interactions and adventures you have. How can you bring the tropical beach into your world when it’s bitterly cold outside? How can you play in the waves when you have to make dinner and return two dozen emails? Where is the relaxation, the whimsy, delight, and communion with nature in your world right now?

Reject the notion that you have the rest of your life to plan and create this perfect day. Free yourself from the karmic baggage that’s causing you to say you can’t have the interactions and relationships you desire ─ the stuff that makes you feel that you can’t risk getting hurt again or that you just don’t have it in you to tolerate the ridicule you’d get if you were to step out and do what you really want. And get rid of the excuse that you don’t have the money to fund your dream, and resources will flow in from unexpected sources once you set your intent in motion.

Discover the elements of your dream that are symbols of what you most love and value ─ and know that you can bring them into your life right now, wherever you are, whatever you’re doing. At the level of your soul, you understand that you’ll find a way to get there, literally or figuratively. You’ll recognize that there will be cascading flowers, delights for the senses, and the exquisite luxury of time to enjoy it all.

Let go of your frenetic activity and surrender to the experience of sensual reawakening wherever you are in the world, regardless of what the facts of your life are.

March 19th is the equinox ─ a time of coming back to balance both in the natural world and in our lives. Take some time to courageously dream a day filled with balance, purpose and passion. Then live that day as if it were your last.

Alberto Villoldo

The Four Winds Society

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