Elders Meditation of the Day – June 22

Elder’s Meditation of the Day – June 22

“The one who wishes to be a true medicine person must be a person
of faith, and they can only work successfully with those who also have
— Fools Crow, LAKOTA

Medicine People are spiritual beings who have made a decision to seek the Red Road. They sacrifice
and seek the way of the Creator. After many years of dedication, the Grandfathers teach them about
power, and about laws, and about how to use the medicine. The Medicine People develop tremendous
faith in their medicine and in the Creator. When we go to the Medicine People, we too must have faith
so they can help us. We can only be helped if we want to be helped. Because the Medicine People know
how to help – that is only one half of it. The other half is up to us. We must have faith that the medicine
has powers to help.

My Creator, faith is belief without evidence. Today, give me the faith. Let me trust that You are running my life.
Let me know You are in charge of all things. Let my mind not wonder; let me stand strong on Your path today

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