In the Andean Tradition there are a number of core principals that are easy to understand and embrace. Three of them work together and are related to our core being. They are in “Quechua” the language of the Inca and the Q’ero:




Each word has a particular meaning and they also represent a different part of our physical being as well as our understanding of reality.

Munay is related to our heart in a physical sense and love as an emotion. However, munay is more than simply a feeling of love as we perceive love in the west. It also embodies a state of consciousness emanating from our heart rather than our heads. It implies that love is a form of wisdom and a choice. We move from a logical state of being to one that is centered on being in right relationship with beings and the cosmos that surround us and interact with us.

Yachay is related to our head/mind. It is our thoughts, intelligence and wisdom all wrapped up into one. However, the focus is on wisdom rather than logic which is far more valued in the Andes. Yachay is connected to munay and they work in conjunction together which aligns our intellect and choices with our heart centered way of being that work together to form and build wisdom, especially when combined with learning from our life experience.

Llankay is our body. It is the center and the balance of our being. The manifestation of being in right relationship within our physical center, our heart and head/mind create an environment or space where good can be done. It is a place where all three come together. It is considered “good work”.

When we can live in a state where Munay, Yachay and Llankay work together are actions become a powerful butterfly effect the emanates outward from our inner being to the rest of the cosmos.

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To become a butterfly, you must be willing to give up being a caterpillar.