What is My Totem?

What is My Totem?

“We don’t choose our totems. Our totems choose us!” This is one of the first basic concepts of Totems.

 Totems are hard to explain at times, but what we need to understand is what a totem is before we can comprehend what it means to follow their teachings.  Once we understand the concept, it helps us to learn the messages they then have to offer and teach us.

A totem shows up to us as a spiritual sign or entity.  They come to share and teach the knowledge they hold to help and assist us with our own lives, how to relate to others and the world around us.  Totems are not worshiped, we follow the teachings they offer, we incorporate the way they deal with life into our own to help us move in positive steps on our paths.

We don’t control them and often it is difficult to explain our draw or affinity to them… yet there is a deep connection inside of us that responds to them when the show up in our lives.  Why we ask ourselves… because it is natural to do so.

Walking with a totem will put certain disciplines in place for us that are not always easy to walk. The knowledge and lessons they share with us are rather set as goals to be like or a way of life to aspire to.

They come in many forms and will often show up at just the right time in our lives, and sometimes they will walk with us our entire life cycle, keeping spiritual watch over us.  They will show up in our lives as an animal we are drawn to, such as a wolf, a bear, an eagle, lion or elephant, a tiger.

People often ask what is my animal totem?  How do I know if I have one?

My reply is to open yourself up to the possibilities, look around your life at the pictures or items you collect, we all have them whether it is a honey bee or a bear, a snake or a turtle…. They are all there to share with us wisdom that will help enrich our life and challenge our souls to grow into the positives that are possible.  Teaching us to cope, deal, create and live happy and productive lives.

Learn what the World of Spirit and Totems will share with each and every day with us if we will only open to it!

Mitakuye O’yasin

~ bear Medicinewalker

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