Why It’s Important To Truly Accept Compliments


Accepting compliments allows us to accept our worth. Saying, “thank you” says that we are worthy, that we are ‘good enough’ and that we see ourselves as the amazing beings that we are. Receiving compliments can help us to understand the beauty, power, and perfection that is us.

Nowadays when someone says,”You made the best banana bread I’ve ever had.” Your response might be, “Oh really? I don’t know, I left it in too long,” or “I forgot the vanilla extract I can make it better next time.”

Nowadays when someone says, “That shirt looks so great on you.” Your response might be, “Seriously? I feel so fat” or “No it doesn’t! I’ve had this thing forever, I don’t even know why I still wear it.”

Nowadays when someone says, “My favorite thing to look forward to is coming home to you.” You might say, “Oh stop it!” or “You’re so full of it.”

What if these people who love you aren’t ‘full of it,’ what if they really love your banana bread not only because of its taste, but because it was made by you. What if that person simply thinks the shirt looks great; they don’t care if you’ve had it forever and they also don’t notice your weight. We have trouble receiving compliments because we don’t believe in our own self-worth. Our self-esteem has dwindled because we are constantly comparing ourselves to others…he’s richer, she’s skinnier, he’s got a hot girlfriend, she’s smarter, they have better jobs, etc. But the thing is, the people who love you, love you. They don’t know you’ve been comparing yourself to other people all day, they just see you in all your glory and magnificence.

“My friend if I could give you one thing,
I would wish for you the ability to see yourself as others see you.
Then you would realize what a truly special person you are.”
-B.A. Billingsly

It is understood that our confidence, self-esteem, and self-worth shouldn’t be determined by the people outside of you so then why is receiving compliments so important? Well because accepting compliments is receiving love and it’s receiving the love you have for yourself as well. Just start with saying thank you, really hear them and their compliments. Accepting complements is accepting the self. Try realizing that they are your mirror, a refection of you. Which is why giving compliments is also important, the beauty you see in others is the beauty you see in yourself. The mirror goes both ways. They show you that you indeed believe, even if it’s somewhere deep down, that you really do make the best banana bread and that you do look so great in that shirt. Your loved one’s favorite thing to look forward to really is coming home to you, so accept that, especially since you feel the same way about coming home to them.

“Fulfillment is not outside of you. It comes from within.
If you look to others as a reflection of yourself,
you will find abundance within and around you.”
-Richie Holterman

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