5 Ways To Use Rejection To Raise Your Vibration

5 Ways To Use Rejection To Raise Your Vibration

Rejection is a perception based upon external results not looking like the thing we wanted. The feelings of “rejection” are feelings of unworthiness, lack of self-worth and inferiority. It is completely in your control to perceive “rejection”, you do not have to feel “rejection” if you do not want to.

Dwelling on thoughts and in feelings of “rejection” causes you to vibrate at a low frequency. Vibrating at a high frequency allows you to call the highest and best things into your life. For those moments in which you succumb to thoughts of unworthiness or you get hung up on a specific result not coming to fruition, there 5 ways to use “rejection” in life as a tool for spiritual evolution.

1) Humble The Ego

“Rejection” is a perception and is an instrument of ego. An unchecked ego is a destructive force. Ego feeds off of self-pity, blame, and insecurity. Humbling the ego means you have to let go of indignation, the “right” to feel mislead, or mistreated. You have to let go of victimhood and stand in your innate Divine power and worthiness. When you go in the direction of Truth, you immediately reduce the size of your ego and create space for illumination.
2) Praise & Bless The Contrast

Whatever the situation appears to be, even if it is something that you do not wish to experience again, praise and bless it. Praise and bless the situation as contrast to what you would like to experience. Be grateful for the clarity it brings to your vision and the refinement it brings to your belief. This is the best way to rip the power cord from the emotion of “rejection”. If you dwell in the vibrational frequency of “rejection” and allow that to seep into your core mental picture of yourself, you will, by matter of law, attract more situations and circumstances that will make you feel “rejection”.

3) Believe In Infinite Possibilities

You may proclaim that you are open and receptive to any of the infinite ways your intention can show up in your life, but in fact, you are probably not. You may set an intention for something to manifest into the physical realm, but get caught up in the “how” (how it will manifest and how it will appear in your life). The rational mind will begin to strategize and to construct a number of plausible ways for your intention to show up through a specific vessel (a person or manner). This shift of focus causes a lot energy to be used in the expectancy of the manner or strategy, instead of expectancy on the intention. The expectancy should be focused on the WHAT that you are intending. Know that in the Infinite magnitude of Universe that your intention can truly show up in your experience in an infinite number of ways.

4) Perceive “Rejection” As Protection

Sometimes we set intentions that are not in alignment with our Divine purpose, in these situations “Rejection” can be seen as Divine protection. This is another opportunity to believe that the Universe is always working in your favor, so relax and trust. We all want to call in only the greatest good, the highest and best that which would evolve our understanding and expand our consciousness. If we truly believe that all is well and that everything happens for our greatest unfoldment then anything and everything (no matter the appearance of “positive” or “negative”) is coming to aid and refine us.

5) Reaffirm Truth

It is important when you see an experience of “rejection” to pause in reflection. Be grateful for the opportunity to have caught yourself, chosen to go to reflection and positively affirm your Truth. Consciously program your mind with what you believe and what you want to think, so that your life reflects what you truly want.

Remember that “rejection” is just your perspective. Your ego will try to convince you to feel slighted, small and inferior. What a wonderful opportunity to stand in love and to not judge the situation or yourself. Refuse to inflict low vibrational thoughts, feelings and actions onto yourself and the world. Ultimately taking perceived “rejection” and finding inspiration is really an exercise in gratitude, so be grateful for all the big and small ways that Universe responds and cares for you, because it is always listening.

Source: Article written by Christine Job


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