How Healers Can Prevent Absorbing the Client’s Energy


by Regina Chouza

Energy healers work with clients to release stress, tension, anger and confusion from the human body and energy field, replacing those emotions with love and light. Every now and then, a concerned client asks what happens with the energy that is released – does the healer take it on? It wouldn’t be unheard of, especially when the healer is working in the client’s auric field, using their own body as a channel for healing. While energy healers can absorb the client’s vibes, most professionals are trained in energy management to avoid this during healing sessions and even in personal interactions. We can all adopt these techniques to keep our own energy clear, regardless of the situation.


3 Ways Healers Can Stop Absorbing Client’s Energy

1) Take a Psychic Shower

The energy body can act like a sponge, absorbing energy, emotions and stress from our surroundings through the aura and the chakras. By learning to ground, clear and protect our personal energy, we reinforce our boundaries making that transfer less likely. The process is simple though it does require practice before it becomes second nature:

Step 1: Ground yourself by visualizing tree roots growing out of the bottoms of your feet into the ground. See and feel as those roots cut through layers of dirt, rock and even concrete. These roots anchor us to the ground while doubling as escape valves, through which we release excess energy into the ground for cleansing and purification. We can also use these grounding roots to draw on the earth’s nourishing energy for support.

Step 2: Clear your aura by intending for a shower of light to run through your energy body from top to bottom. This light washes away any stress or tension that may have been created during daily interactions. Take a deep breath and let it be washed away.

Step 3: Protect your energy by drawing in your chakras, front and back, so that they fit snugly against your body. Place a bubble of protective soft violet light around your aura. This light draws on the protective and transformative qualities of amethyst crystals, replacing what we might call negative energy with love, healing and protection.

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