Three Ways to Positively Face Pain

Pain and Conscious Healing

by Vicki Snyder

The holidays are over, and now you are left to deal with the possible pain, sadness, disappointment, or anger that has emerged. While everyone goes back to their normal lives, you may be left with the task of getting back to your normal self. Pain can arise from these feelings, which came about from interactions with family and friends. What do you do about it? Here are three ways you can positively face those feelings.


3 Conscious Healing Tips for Pain

1. Actually Sense the Pain for Conscious Healing

It is okay to let yourself feel the hurt and face your feelings. This may be easier said than done. What are you left feeling after the holidays? Are you feeling disappointment, sadness, despair, anger? No matter what you call it, it is okay to feel it without fear; the pain will not last. Oftentimes, spiritual people or empaths, also known as highly sensitive people, don’t allow themselves to actually feel and then release their hurt. They don’t cry, and they don’t show anger—they may just think they are feeling those feelings that came up.

Though it is uncomfortable to feel things such as sadness or anger, one should not try to hide their emotions. For example, if Grandma made you feel angry, then yell or hit your pillow. If your sibling made you feel sad, then cry, shed those tears, and move on. When you are upset with your sibling, be thankful for them, instead of allowing all the negative feelings to creep in; they are teachers, and are helping you to grow and learn more about yourself.

The pain will not last; however, if you refuse to engage in conscious healing and release your emotions, they may finally erupt and leave you standing there, wondering what happened. Well, what happened is you did not actually feel anything. You tried to tell yourself that you did, but your ego got in the way, and tricked you into thinking that it was dealt with. You didn’t get to the part of actually feeling the sadness, anger or disappointment. Take time to tune into what you are feeling.

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