The Shaman


The shaman:
is a person of knowledge and power,
uses power and knowledge in service,
knows that creation is not complete – we participate, we help dream the world into being,
is one who has not left the garden, is not separate from nature,
has an animistic relationship with the world and universe, knows everything is infused with spirit, with life,
is a careful observer of nature, sees the organizing principle of the universe thru the archetypes,
is in service for the good of all beings and the Earth,
has a high sense of ethics,
knows, faces the shadow, personal and collective – what is disowned by the culture.
holds and creates sacred space,
is sensuous, holds no judgment,
even with intent, does not fixate to the outcome – no attachment to result,
knows that the power that heals can also destroy and uses it wisely,
knows to work at source – the energetic,
knows that understanding follows healing, knows that we are here to grow corn and to grow gods,
knows that everything tangible is light bound into matter,
knows that being present with intent can shift the world,
knows there is no good, no evil – only in the hearts of men. There are only light or heavy energies,
knows that time is not linear – and does not get bound by cause and effect, is informed instead by circular time, synchronicity.
lives from impeccability – knows that as a pure vessel, you create no ripples, no karma, are invisible, are complete – no cleanup afterwards.
knows that if you don’t learn it you marry it (wedded to it) or it comes to you as fate,
knows that thought directs energy, energy directs matter,
knows that will is control and that intent is surrender. Understands the universe to be benign – is predatory only when we are out of balance. When in harmony, the universe conspires on your behalf.
knows that “Reality are those myths that we can’t quite see thru yet”
knows validation is internal, confirmation is external. Looks for confirmation in nature, synchronistic events (signs, omens)
knows that love is the organizing principle of universe
knows that when you call spirit, spirit answers and that when spirit calls, you must answer – it is reciprocal.

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